Green Burial Sites

More people are going back to nature or attempting to simplify their lives and feel at peace with the environment around them. This has led to an increase in the availability in green and woodland burial sites.

There are now more than 200 green burial sites in the UK. Alternative and eco-friendly funerals are gaining in popularity as there are no restrictions on the individual’s values and beliefs. The only requirement is that the coffin is made of biodegradable materials.The service can follow traditional lines with a minister or priest, but there is also the option to say goodbye in a way that reflects the personality and character of a loved one’s life.

All faiths and religions are received equally and members of the family can even perform a tribute service. Gravestones are not permitted on green burial sites. Instead, graves are marked by planting commemorative trees or wild flowers – the aim is to give back to the environment. This is the reason why more people are choosing environmentally friendly and sustainable coffins such as willow. By choosing a material like willow, the impact on the surrounding wildlife is minimal and the landscape is there for future generations to enjoy.

For those wishing to make their own funeral arrangements, green burial sites will provide a deed of ownership of the designated plot. Family sites can also be reserved on most green burial sites. Green burial sites, which are protected by covenants, create a life after death effect. They are calm, restful, simple places in peaceful countryside settings. Many would say that they are the perfect place to rest in peace.