Willow Coffins from Musgrove Willows

Musgrove Willows are proud to offer a range of willow ‘wicker’ coffins that reflect the unique landscape of the Somerset Levels and the surrounding area where we live and farm our willow, ‘withies’.

Each of the environmentally friendly willow coffins that we offer in our Somerset Range of Willow Coffins has been beautifully and sensitively handwoven with the utmost care and attention to detail by our skilled basket makers using our own willow, on our farm, at Westonzoyland in the heart of the Somerset Levels.

Musgrove Willows was founded in the late 1920s and four generations later, we continue to grow high quality Somerset willow and produce, using sustainable and traditional methods, strong, handmade wicker coffins and caskets.

For centuries sustainable willow has been used for its strength, beauty and practicality throughout our homes and lives. In these environmentally aware times, wicker coffins are becoming a more environmentally sound option as a more sustainable alternative to wood.

Our coffins are appropriate for burial, cremation, woodland and green burial sites and can be made to your required size within 48 hours.

Family members can visit us by appointment to see how we grow, process and weave our willow coffins. Should time allow family members who wish to can actively participate in weaving the chosen willow coffin for a loved one. al sites and can be made to your required size within 48 hours. Family members can visit us to actively participate in weaving the chosen willow coffin.


The National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors – Associate Member

Association of Funeral Directors - Supplier Member

FFMA- Funeral Furnishing Manufacturer’s Association.

Please feel free to download our brochure(pdf) for full details of our range of willow coffins and ashes caskets.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a Member of the General Public, we would encourage you to direct your purchase through a Registered Funeral Director. When a loved one dies, the professional help of a Funeral Director can be invaluable at such a difficult time. If, however, you experience any difficulty in obtaining your chosen coffin from Musgrove's Somerset Range of Willow Coffins through your Funeral Director or are arranging a funeral yourself please contact us on 01278 699162 or email us at info@musgrovewillows.co.uk and we will do all that we can to help you.
Choose your style of coffin. Decide if you would like any colour banding, which type of handles you prefer and if you would like any additional items such as Bows or a Willow Cross. Take these details with you when you meet with your chosen Funeral Director, who will place the order directly with us. An anticipated delivery date will be given and we will start producing your coffin. We will need to liaise with the Funeral Director to ensure that your requirements are fully met and that your coffin arrives safely and in a timely fashion.
Family Members are welcome to visit us and help weave the chosen coffin for their loved one if they would like to do so. We would need to liaise with your Funeral Director or lead family member to organise a suitable time and date. More time would be required to achieve this in advance of your chosen funeral date, so the earlier we know the better. Please contact us for further details on 01278 691105.
If you are thinking of taking out a Pre- Paid Funeral Plan or making your Will you can include our pdf brochure along with an order form stating your choice of coffin when you make your arrangements. Alternatively you can leave a copy of our brochure with your important paperwork; this may be sufficient to inform your family of your wishes. Please contact us if you would like a full colour brochure sent by post instead of the pdf version.
Once the order is placed, we aim to weave and deliver your chosen coffin to your Funeral Director within 48 hours from receipt of an order. However a little more time is required if families are weaving.
All of our coffins have been weight tested to carry 191 kg or 30 stone in weight.